Comics, Jesus, and Me

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Andrew Smith (@markandrewsmith on twitter.) It was a lot of fun and comforting in a way to know that some of things that I go through, the fears and worries about certain things, don’t exactly go away just because you have a little success (if you read the piece, you’ll see that Mark has an Eisner and Hugo award.)


Comics something I’d like to try and I have a concept that would fit well, I believe, in the medium. Problem is, I’ve read a few scripts and there seems to be very little of a standard for graphic novel scripts. I took screenwriting in college and found that not to be the case for movies so it was a little odd to me. A lot of it I chalk up to interpretation. Some writers are comfortable with allowing the artist to co-create the vision and others aren’t.

Aside from Gladestones and Batgirl, my current interest is what I would define as my Lost-fix replacement. It’s called Morning Glories. Think of it as a, “What if Lost were set in a prep school and it was not made by ABC but HBO?” I say HBO because of the swearing, which isn’t too off-putting. Swearing in comics isn’t really my cup-o-tea, but I might be saying a few four letter words myself if I were in those messed-up hallways.

Like Lost, Glories has an endgame. I think I remember the creators saying in an interview there were a 100-150 issues. Then there’s a definitive end. I sometimes wish there was such a definitive end for characters in the Big 2.

So where does the Jesus in the title fit into this? Great question! I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. Not where does He fit so much as where does He want me to go next creatively?

I’m trying to power through a fantasy novel I’ve been working on for a few years, but I keep getting hung up on things I don’t like about the main character. Sometimes I think he’s just there to absorb information and he’s too wooden. Everyone else around him, they’re amazing, I love them. For one character, I found this book on old New England sailing phrases and it’s my bible for him.

I didn’t participate in Nano this year. Having a newborn in the house put a cramp in that idea real fast.It’s the sleep deprivation. It’s starting to feel like a weight loss resolution, me and ole nanorimo. I don’t think I’ll ever top my word count output in high school. I churned out 5k in a week when I wasn’t working a part-time job or participating in a sport.

I do want to finish a few of my projects soon. The baby will be learning to read in the coming years. She already loves books, even how they taste. It’ll be here before I know it and how many parents can say they read to their child a story they wrote themselves? Okay, maybe flying gargoyles and high flying adventures aren’t for toddlers, but it’s all I have right now. As much as my elementary education mother has impressed upon me, I can’t bring myself to write a children’s book. Maybe I don’t have the right idea yet. I certainly don’t have an artist.


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