Before we get to chapter 2 a little explanation

Blink has been a story I’ve wanted to tell ever since starting my collection of Ultimate Spiderman. I felt like that series had a great balance of the superheroics and trying just to be a normal teenager. It was high on good drama/angst, humor, and really clever action. And there were times where people thought Peter Parker, AKA spiderman, had something wrong with him, a drug habit, or maybe he was just lazy.

Around the same time I was reading Bryan Q Miller’s run on Batgirl. Which, I think I’ve said before in previous posts is a series I love. Miller is a great writer and the stories were… well fun. His version of batgirl was hopeful and optimistic which countered well to the rest of the bat-people. This is also despite the fact that the character of Batgirl, Stephanie Brown, nearly destroyed Gotham City by instigating a horrible gang war.

Both are characters that make mistakes. Both are young and idealistic in good ways. I guess I wanted to try my own hand at that. Also, there aren’t enough female superheroes who aren’t just eye candy. My daughter deserves better than that if she gets into reading the genre.  We’ll see how it goes. Here’s a little poll, I’d love to get some feedback on the story through:

Thanks for reading!


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