Twitterific (Or how to get a follow-back from me)

When I first started using twitter, I started following comic artists, writers, authors, comedians, and the occasional celebrity. I also had no idea that you weren’t supposed to reply to 90% of a total strangers tweets/twitter feed without creeping them out.

But I’ve learned that there are a few things that irk me the wrong way and I’m wondering if others feel the same way.

Tweet and Retweet were in a boat, Tweet fell out who was left?

If I’m having a very unproductive day writing my own projects, I may average about 3-4 retweets an hour of things I find interesting. There is this trend to tag as many people you follow or admire in one large spam of names. And I get that it’s a way to show your appreciation to your followers. To me, it kind of seems empty. I would much rather engage in a conversation on twitter (also why I’m thinking of disabling the “like” button on wordpress. I’m trying to “like” less myself.)

I guess if you’re going to do this mass retweeting of names, I’d prefer you kept it to two tweets at the most. The same goes for retweeting what others say. If you feel the need to retweet six times in a row, yeah I’m going find it annoying.

And now a word from our sponsor?

I think we all hate advertising. There’s actually a… I don’t know what it is so much as I know what it does. It allows you to make “sponsored” (advertisment) tweets. I’m guessing you get paid by the number of followers or some junk.

But what about ME?!

My patience is wearing thin with people who hijack my twitter feed with these mass-tweets. While I’m sure that captioned picture of a cat is adorable, can you space the next retweet about the pogo-using dog by a few minutes or an hour?

Tweeting reviews of your book, for example, is a kind of tweet I don’t mind receiving. Good reviews are something to celebrate. I just don’t think you need to celebrate these reviews repeatedly every hour or so.

Okay, I’m part of the problem too

I do sometimes go a little tweet-happy. I admit it, but I’m learning to use sites like hootsuite and tweetdeck to help space out what I’m saying, particularly when I’m sharing an article I wrote or a book I’m promoting.

There are people who do these things I’m following who do these things. They will remain nameless because there are reasons I follow them, but I am trying to keep the numbers of people I follow low. In fact, around once I a month, I do a purge. I don’t announce it, but if I’m not engaging you in an active conversation, why bother, right?

Engagement is what twitter, and blogging to a certain degree, is what it’s all about for me. If you want to be part of that engagement, I encourage you to follow me, say hello, and be part of the conversation.


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6 Responses to Twitterific (Or how to get a follow-back from me)

  1. so i liked this post, is that bad?

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been guilty of doing the retweeting this, haha. I’m also trying to stop using the “like” button myself. Conversation is way better. What I find the most annoying is when someone follows you, and then they say “Okay, I followed you, so are you going to follow me back?!!” It’s like, really?

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