Update on Blink and a few other things

So Chapter 3 is coming along and I plan on setting up a bi-weekly posting. For now the schedule means sometime around noon on Monday, every other week, there will be more Blink. I would try for weekly, but I do have other projects that unfortunately demand my attention.

One reader pointed out the fact that Valeria sent Helena away on a sleepover during a very vulnerable time for our dear hero. She said it seemed a little odd given the circumstances and hopefully in a future draft I will address that issue. It’s little tidbits like that I appreciate hearing.

Also, since it was such a hit last time I shared it. I am linking to my friend’s latest podcast. The new podcast of Derailed Trains of Thought features Dr. Pamela Jordan from Taylor University. I studied literature under her guidance and enjoyed a class called McDonald, Lewis, and Tolkien which I hope she is still able to teach. It’s a fascinating study.

So enjoy the podcast and be rest-assured that more Blink is on the way in a scheduled format!


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