Sometimes a dream has to wait

Hi all!

So the self-imposed Monday deadline has came and went and I’m sure all eight of you who are reading my story are wondering why I put a deadline and then totally forgot about it. I haven’t, I actually have what is shaping up to be three chapters all but finished.

I thought it best if I could crank a few out so I wouldn’t have to worry about missing a bi-weekly deadline. Also I’m between jobs at the moment. Keeping the lights on takes priority at the moment.

This seems to be a play on a much larger theme that has been prevalent in my career. I find a writing job, any decently paying writing job and then something happens. We have to move, the publication goes under, or a check bounces from the job. Okay so I’ve never had a check bounce, but I’ve had publishers neglect to pay me on time per a contract a few times.

Does it frustrate me? Make me want to bang my head on the keyboard and go, “I’m not that lazy writer who says they will do things and doesn’t, so why does this keep happening?” And the truth is if you want to be a writer, if  you want that to sustain your family financially, be prepared to stock up on ramen noodles and lose a few pounds.

I do other jobs, I work retail, I worked in a bank for two years, but I never stop writing for more than a month or two. I can’t see any other way of functioning to be honest. And yeah, the disappointments are painful, hard, leave you longing for a brighter day. At the end of the day it comes down to knowing you have two choices: give up the dream or keep pushing till there is daylight.

I  will try and get a chapter two out in the coming weeks. I will get back to making the rounds commenting on blogs and giving feedback to friends, but for now, I gotta pay the bills. Right now, doing that writing will take too long. At least that’s been my experience. If anyone has a writing gig capable of paying rent in less than three weeks, please forward me the link! Although if that were the case, I think my network of writer friends would have brought it to my attention by now.

So no, I have no chapters of Blink ready for consumption yet,but there are more chapters being made, just at a slower pace than I would like for the time being. Thank you for your patience and I hope to make it worth the wait as soon as I am able.


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