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Letter to the Mrs.

My Dearest Dea, It seems so long ago that we took a trip to New York City with our mission group of college.  I was excited, I had never been to NYC before that trip. We had met before, at … Continue reading

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All A Bullied Kid Needs: A Paul

Sometimes I wonder about why writing young adult fiction has so much appeal to me. Is it setting stories in high school? Is it the scars? The exuberance and idealism? Here’s one reason: In my first year of high school, I was … Continue reading

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Blink Ch3 Meet the Shepherds

Ch 3 Meet the Shepherds “I bet homeschooling looks a lot better now,.” Ashley’s mother has been cracking jokes like that for the ten minutes it takes her to drive us to the Shepherd home. I assume they are jokes, … Continue reading

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Update on Blink and a few other things

So Chapter 3 is coming along and I plan on setting up a bi-weekly posting. For now the schedule means sometime around noon on Monday, every other week, there will be more Blink. I would try for weekly, but I … Continue reading

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Blink: Chapter 1: The first ring of the bell jars me fully awake. So much for trying to make up for sleeping only four hours last night. I try to remember the room number for my class. At the same … Continue reading

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Life, death, and potato salad (A reflection on The Fault in Our Stars)

A few Easters ago, I heard a sermon by my wife’s uncle about life and death. It focused on what happens when we die. Specifically just after you’re six feet under and worm food. “When you die,” he started the … Continue reading

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