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There will be blood

No, this isn’t a post about editing or blood donations. I was having a conversation earlier today about the relationships writers have with their partners. Be them a publisher, an editor, or an agent. The part I contested was the … Continue reading

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So there’s this guy…

In reading YA lately, or trying to while job hunting, caring for a 13 month old, and writing my own YA, I’ve noticed a problem. I don’t like how guys are portrayed. Particularly love-interest guys for female main characters (FMC … Continue reading

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Blink: Chapter 1: The first ring of the bell jars me fully awake. So much for trying to make up for sleeping only four hours last night. I try to remember the room number for my class. At the same … Continue reading

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Suite Scarlett: A review

Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson Scarlett Martin lives in New York in a hotel called the Hopewell, which is run by her parents. The hotel is limping along. It’s the summer of her fifteenth birthday, which, in the Martin family … Continue reading

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